Asbestos Testing & Inspections for Fort Worth, TX

30 Years Of Experience With Asbestos Inspections

Since 1987, ERI Consulting has executed thorough and speedy asbestos inspections for businesses in Fort Worth, TX and the surrounding areas.

We’ve worked with thousands of businesses in your area over the past 30 years to keep their facilities safe and up to code.

Why Trust ERI Consulting For Asbestos Testing?
  • Over 30 years serving Fort Worth
  • More than 20,000 asbestos inspections
  • Over 6,000 successful abatement projects
  • Testing lab located in Fort Worth
  • Get inspection results in 5 to 7 days
  • In-house licensed asbestos consultants & analysts


What is Asbestos And Why Does It Pose A Health Risk?

Asbestos was used regularly in the US for over 100 years to create thousands of products. It is an effective insulator and fire-resistant material, making it useful in construction materials. Floor tiles, ceiling tiles, popcorn ceiling, and sheetrock are just a few of the most common materials often made with asbestos.


Eventually, scientists discovered that asbestos presents a serious, and sometimes life-threatening, health risk. Asbestos fibers are about 80 times smaller than a human hair, making them easy to inhale. If you breathe in this substance, your body is not able to expel it. So it remains in your lungs and can lead to asbestosis, cancer, and other health complications.

In 1978, Texas legislation was passed that banned asbestos from being used in commercial construction.

ERI does in-depth asbestos inspections for businesses like yours in Fort Worth and surrounding areas to keep your building up to code and keep your personnel safe.


When You Need To Schedule An Asbestos Inspection

Some companies schedule an asbestos inspection to stay compliant with Texas law. Others schedule an inspection to ensure their employees and workers are safe from the harmful material. Here are three reasons your business might need to schedule an inspection:

Your building was constructed before 1980

Asbestos became illegal for commercial use in 1978. So facilities constructed before that almost always have asbestos present in at least some of the building materials. If your facility was built before 1978, please contact ERI today.

You need to get a building permit

In Texas, all commercial buildings must be inspected for asbestos before you can acquire a building permit. Even if your building is new and was constructed after 1978, it has to be inspected.

You want to prioritize the safety of your building occupants

Asbestos is dangerous and has been used in many different types of materials used in commercial construction. Take care of your personnel by scheduling an asbestos inspection in Fort Worth today.

How It Works

The team at ERI Consulting closely follows all regulations of the EPA, OSHA, and TDSHS. Our process goes like this:

  • Provide us with necessary information about your facility

    To provide the best inspection for your building, we need to know about your facility. Our online form will collect the following information from you:

    • The age of your building
    • The size and square footage of your building
    • The address of your property
    • Contact information for the primary contact for your project
  • We’ll put together a custom proposal suited for your business

    We will use your information to create a proposal and a competitive quote for your facility.

  • Schedule an inspection

    Texas law requires asbestos inspectors to collect 3 samples from each type of material that might have asbestos, including:

    • Sheetrock
    • Floor tiles
    • Ceiling Tiles
    • And more
  • Asbestos Lab Testing

    Our licensed asbestos analysts will take your samples to the lab and test them using Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM).

    All of our licensed analysts and consultants undergo ongoing training to stay up to date with Texas regulations.

    Our inspections are usually completed within 2-3 days, and our lab testing also requires 2-3 days. So we typically deliver results within one week.

  • Asbestos Abatement:

    If test results show asbestos present in your building, we will serve as your consultant, developing an abatement plan.

    We develop a robust plan for abatement and ensure the contractor is compliant with all state regulations. Additionally, our team collects air samples from the facility and the workers throughout the asbestos removal process.

Request An Asbestos Inspection Today!

ERI Consulting is happy to handle all of your asbestos inspection needs in the Fort Worth area. Please contact us today to schedule your inspection. To get started, please fill out this form to tell us about your facility.

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